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If you find yourself experiencing pest problems year after year or want to protect your family and your home from future infestations, the Home Protection Plan is right for you. FPC will rid your home and yard of pests and keep them away! Our year-round Home Protection Plan service begins with a thorough inspection of your property to find potential hiding and breeding grounds for pests. Our highly-trained, licensed FPC service technician will then provide you with a customized treatment program designed for your needs. This will ensure that you will have a pest free sanctuary in your home and yard for all four seasons of the year! Within 120 days of the initial treatment, we will return to reinforce your Home Protection Plan barrier to keep any newly emerging pests from re-establishing themselves. We will apply special exterior treatments three times per year to keep pests from migrating back into your home. We treat for visible pests, but our goal is to locate and eradicate any entry points and nesting sites to eliminate new pests before they have a chance to enter.
• Year-round coverage for all general pests—including mice.
• Regularly scheduled service every four months.
• No-charge for service calls in between regular appointments.
• Optional indoor only, outdoor only, or indoor & outdoor service included.

Purchasing a property is one of the biggest investments one may make during their lifetime. To help protect this investment, many banks and lending institutions require that homes and other buildings be inspected for damage from termites or other wood-destroying insects before closing the sale.

A Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report is a document prepared by a licensed pest control operator that informs the lending institution and buyer about termite damage or presence. Although the report indicates any visible evidence of infestation or previous treatment, it does not guarantee the absence of wood-destroying insects. An inspection is an important tool in evaluating the soundness of a structure, but there are limitations. FPC can provide the WDIIR with a quick turnaround for prompt real estate closings. These days many potential sellers have these inspections performed prior to putting the house on the market. This way a seller can address infestation and damage issues before the buyer’s have their inspections done.

We also provide services for Termite, Carpenter Ant, Carpenter Bee and Powder Post Beetle eradication.


There IS something you can do to feel safe in your yard all spring, summer and fall! We provide children and pet friendly applications for prevention of Lymes Disease and West Nile Virus. FPC's Tick & Mosquito Treatment delivers full protection for the entire property and family. Programs available from April through October.

Whether it is moles, mice, squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs or chipmunks giving you trouble, FPC has an effective remedy. We provide trapping, baiting, and animal proofing services that are customized and safe. Please call our office for our humane trapping and relocation service, exclusion and repair services, and emergency service inside your home and rest easy!

Bed bugs are named for their tendency to dwell in beds and feed on human blood while you’re asleep. They are certainly a health hazard and can cause red, swollen bites on your body. Adult bed bugs can live for several months in carpeting and mattresses between feeding. In order to destroy a bed bug infestation, a treatment program must implemented by a trained, experienced bed bug professional. FPC’s treatments for residential bed bug infestations are guaranteed to work.


Fleas can be a painful situation for your family as well as pets. It often takes several follow up treatments and the experience of a professional to have a successful flea treatment program. FPC service professionals will walk you through each step of the process until your home is safe from infestation.

Additional Services Available…
  General Household Pests
General Pest Control Services with 30 day or customizable warranty available for all pests, including ants, spiders, roaches, crickets, millipedes, centipedes, mites and silverfish.
Rodent Control
Services with 30 day or customizable warranty available for rats and mice.
Flying Insects
Service with 30 day or customizable warranty available for bees, wasps, hornets, flies and gnats.
Radon Inspection
Charcoal measurement canisters. Emergency and rush service available.
Complete Bird control and eradicaton services available which include trapping, repelling and physical barriers.
Pre-Construction Termite Treatments
Services provided to commercial / industrial properties.
Quarterly/ Monthly / Weekly Service
Regularly scheduled services to treat your home or business for problematic insects and rodents.
Handyman Services
Yard cleanup, attic cleanup, basement cleanup, debris removal, no job too small or too complicated.
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