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How to Prevent Pests

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How to keep roaches away from your home...

Reduce sources of food and water. Even cough drops by the bed are potential cockroach food.

Remove dead leaves and rubbish heaps (including compost piles) from near your home.

Store food in containers that close tightly and that cockroaches cannot chew through (paper and cardboard boxes are not cockroach-proof).


How to keep ants at bay...

Store garbage cans in dry places (not under kitchen sink); empty often and keep clean.

Trim tree limbs so they don't touch or hang directly over your house.

Consider replacing rotted or water-damaged wood.

Inspect possible entry points (windows, door frames, and pipes) for small openings. Caulk or screen areas to seal entry.


How to get rid of fleas...

Take your pet to a veterinarian for treatment on the same day as your scheduled pest control visit. This dual-treatment is essential to effective flea control.

Wash all pet bedding thoroughly in hot water or destroy if necessary.

Vacuum all floors and upholstered furniture thoroughly, especially where pets sleep, to remove organic debris and as many flea eggs, larvae, pupae and adults as possible.

Seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and remove from house.

Trim lawns and weeds around the house to create a less inviting environment for flea larvae.


How to stop rodents from eating your food...

Store food, especially grains and nuts, in rodent-proof glass or metal containers, not plastic.

Refrigerate fresh fruit and vegetables.

Separate organic garbage from all other garbage.

Drain the organic material and wrap it tightly in newspaper before throwing it away.

Rodent-proof your garbage cans by setting them on a 12-inch high platform and equip them with fasteners.

Maintain a distance of at least two feet between the cans and structures from which rodents might jump onto the cans.

Pick up or bury fallen fruit and pet feces daily. Put away any foods that pets do not eat right away.


How some insects may be a danger to your health...

Not all insects pose a threat to your health, but some can actually give you diseases. Among the most common disease causing bugs are Kissing Bugs, Lice, Ticks, Tsetse flies and house flies. Keeping your home and office(especially your kitchen and yard) clean can help keep these nasty pests out.

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