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Our FAQs

Why should I hire a professional pest control operator when I can do it myself?
Do-it-yourself pest control is certainly an option for homeowners. However, most homeowners lack the knowledge and training that trained professionals have to treat pest problems effectively. A critical component in treating any pest problem effectively is to correctly identify the insect species and develop a course of treatment that takes the insect's biology and habits into account. A pest control professional can help you to avoid applying the wrong treatments that are not effective for that particular problem, and reduce exposure of chemicals in your home.

Ants look just like termites to me, how can I tell the difference?
A few simple things distinguish termites from ants. Termite swarmers have a broad waist, straight antennae, and both wings are of the same size. Ants have a thin, pinched waist, bent antennae, and their hind wings are smaller than the front wings. 

I think I have a termite problem - won't my regular pest control service take care of this infestation?Termites are not easily dealt with. Termite eradication is a complicated process involving sealing a chemical barrier between the ground and the house. This requires a trained pest control specialist.

How do I know if the materials that a pest control operator is using are safe?
First, make sure that any company that you hire is reputable, licensed, and well-trained to ensure that they are knowledgeable and responsible in handling pesticides. Pesticides, by their nature, are designed to kill and therefore cannot be termed "safe". They can, however, be used responsibly. Ask your pest control service provider to show you the labels of products he/she is using. That will tell you the ingredients and levels of toxicity. If you are still not sure, call the manufacturer for product information.

Should the inside of my home be treated during regular services?
With our Home Protection Plan Service (see Services link), your regular service is fully customizable. You may decide to have the inside done every service or the outside of the property only. Most of our customers prefer to have regular service outside and only as needed on the inside, which is the method we most recommend.
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