Tips to Promote Pest Control

Learn useful tips from Freehold Pest Control Inc to make your home pest-free. From how to keep roaches away to how to get rid of fleas, learn about a variety of pest control topics.

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Our Pest Control Tips

How to keep roaches away from your home?
  • Reduce sources of food and water. Even cough drops by the bed are potential cockroach food
  • Remove dead leaves and rubbish heaps including compost piles from near your home
  • Store food in closely-tight containers hat cockroaches cannot chew through. Paper and cardboard boxes are not cockroach-proof.
How to keep ants at bay?
  • Store garbage cans in dry places (not under your kitchen's sink)
  • Empty garbage cans often and keep clean
  • Trim tree limbs so they don't touch or hang directly over your house
  • Consider replacing rotted or water-damaged wood
  • Inspect possible entry points like windows, door frames, and pipes or small openings.
  • Caulk or screen areas to seal entry.  
How to get rid of fleas?
  • Take your pet to a veterinarian for treatment on the same day as your scheduled pest control visit. This dual treatment is essential to effective flea control
  • Wash all pet bedding thoroughly in hot water or destroy if necessary
  • Vacuum all floors and upholstered furniture thoroughly, especially where pets sleep, to remove organic debris and as many flea eggs, larvae, pupae and adults as possible.
  • Seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and remove from house
  • Trim lawns and weeds around the house to create a less inviting environment for flea larvae
How to stop rodents from eating your food?
  • Store food, especially grains and nuts, in rodent-proof glass or metal containers, not plastic
  • Refrigerate fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Separate organic garbage from other garbage
  • Drain the organic material and wrap it tightly in a newspaper before throwing it away.
  • Rodent-proof your garbage cans by setting them on a 12-inch high platform and equip them with fasteners
  • Maintain a distance of at least two feet between the cans and structures from which rodents might jump onto the cans
  • Pick up or bury fallen fruit and pet feces daily. Put away any foods that pets do not eat right away
How some insects may be a danger to your health?

Not all insects pose a threat to your health, but some can actually give you diseases. Among the most common disease-causing bugs are Kissing Bugs, Lice, Ticks, Tsetse flies and house flies. Keep your living spaces clean, including:
  • Home
  • Office
  • Kitchen
  • Yard
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